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2015 the 65th annivarsary Tokyo Kamuro Party annual meeting

Tokyo Kamuro Party

The 65th Tokyo Kamuro Party annual meeting at June 6th, 2015 Sqare Kojimachi 5F Kotobuki room   (pictures by Matsushige Yamada)
Meeting was successful, exciting and enjoyable. Thank you for attending this annual meeting for all 36 atendants.
For 65th celebration meeting, the three most successful active persons made special speech. Nathan Funk first secretary of Canada Embacy, Masahiro Yamada President of SANSEI co. and Akiko Yamada President of Yamada Creative Co. Their speech heated up the meeting. 


waiting for open. 
Mieko Hashimoto
Mieko Yagi
Nathan Funk


waiting for open. Akira Nakayama(pre President of Tokyo Kamuro party)
Kenji Kimura, Keiko Kimura (spouses)


Kaname Kijima (former President of Tokyo Kamuro Party)
Iwao Inoue (former President of Tokyo Kamuro Party)
Kiyoshi Nishimura(president of Ube Kamuro Party)


Shizuo Niiyama (chief priest of Hakuseiji temple)
Kimiyoshi Kitagawa (chairman of Okikamuro residents' assosiation)


Reception desk. Kumie Iwashita(paymaster Tokyo Kamuro Party), Keiko Matsuno (paymaster Tokyo Kamuro Party) ,Akiko Yamada、Ryoichi Kurasawa(spouses)  


introduction before opening
Akiko Yamada, Masatomo Yagi, Nathan Funk



Kiyoshi Nishimura, Shintaro Kondo, Nathan Funk


Kazumasa Kono, Yoichi Nishimura


Kimiyoshi Kitagawa (chairman of Okikamuro residents' assosiation)
Hitoshi Murano (chief secretary of Bocho Club)


Akira Nakayama (pre president of Tokyo Kamuro Party), Mitsuo Tomahara


Mieko Yagi, Mieko Hashimoto, Yoshihisa Furutani


Tomiyuki Miyamoto, Nobukatsu Iwamoto


Kazutaka Nishimura moderator
vice president of Tokyo Kamuro Party


Masatomo Yagi greeting of opening. 'I asked three most active persons to make special speech for 65th anniversary meeting.'


Kaname Kijima, Iwao Inoue, Kiyoshi Nishimura, Shintaro Kondo


Nathan Funk
Canada Embacy, first secretary celebration speech


Masahito Yamada President of SANSEI Corp. celebration speech
member of Hiroshima Kamuro Party


Akiko Yamada President of Yamada Creative Co. celebration speech
vice president of Tokyo Kamuro Party.


Chiyoko Nishimura, Yuriko Nishimura, Kanae Kawanaka


Chika Kono,Takayuki Kono (spouses) Tokyo Mirai Law office, Lawyer

Yoichi Nishimura, Joji Toi, Mariko Yamada, Masahito Yamada


Mariko Yamada, Masahito Yamada (spouses)

Mieko Hashimoto, Yoshihisa Furutani, Akira Nakayama

Masahito Yamada, Kazutaka Nishimura, Naomichi Kitamura

Shizuo Niiyama Chief priest of Hakuseiji 'Okikamuro SeaSice musium will be open this summer.'

Akira Nakayama pre-president of Tokyo Kamuro Party 'Cheers' -sorry, not so good picture.

Keiko Matsuno, Kumie Iwashita, Mitsuo Tomohara

Shizuo Niiyama, Kimiyoshi Kitagawa, Hitoshi Murano

Katsunobu Iwamoto, Mieko Yagi, Mieko Hashimoto

Kazutaka Nishimura, Naomichi Kitamura

Shintaro Kondo, Natahan Funk

Ryoichi Kurasawa, Kaname Kijima

Yoshihiro Fujiwara chiarman of Tokyo Towacho community. 'Towacho community and Kamuro party must work together to support Suho-Oshima town.'

Kimiyoshi Kitagawa chairman of Okikamuro residents community. 'Present Population 147, average 65.x years old, 14 people under 10yeaar old, there is hope Okikamuro exists in future'

Tomiyuki Miyamoto president of Kansai Kamuro Party. 'We have to respect the Okikamuro people who made effort to build the bridge to Okikamuro island.'

Kiyoshi Nishimura president Ube Kamuro Party. 'I can continue to be active as Ube Kamuro party president.'

Mieko Yagi wife of president of Tokyo kamuro party Masatomo Yagi.

Mieko Yagi loves Hula dance. dancing for 2nd music in this party.

Hitoshi Murano Chief secretary of Bocho Club. 'exchanging business information and join to Bocho Club.'

Keiko Kimura, Kenji Kimura (spouses) pre Secretary of Tokyo Kamuro Party.

Lottery prize is Okikamruo fishes in a box. There may be Kamuro Tai (Kamuro red snapper) in it if you are lucky.

Takayuki Kono 'Thak you picked my card Mr.Kimura.'

Nathan Funk picking name card of Lottery.

Kenji Kimura picking a card for Lottery.

Akira Nakayama picking a card for Lottery.

Kaname Kijima picking a card for Lottery. Fresh fish of 1 box prize is precious for people in Tokyo.

Keiko Kimura winner. 'waiting for Mebaru (rockfish).'

Kaname Kijima. 'Congratulation for 65th anniversary of Tokyo Kamuro Party.'

Iwao Inoue. Played Shigin(singing chinese poem) every body surprised for his clear voice.

Ryoichi Kurasawa husband of Akiko Yamada, winner. 'happy for the prize. I'm running comapany broadcasting stock information by MTV channel of TV.'


At 65th anniversary meeting of Tokyo Kamuro Party, many from 1st to 4th generations of Okikamuro people attended. we appreciate that many generations attended this Kamuro Party meeting. Few new members also are joining this party. Each member's messages make Okikamuro island more active. Let's support Okikamuro island to be free from worry about decreasing population.
2nd to 4th generation descendants of Okikamuro island are very active in Hawaii, Canada and other countries. the descendants of immigrants are one of unique features of Okikamuro island. Let's make more message exchanges and meetings between 2nd to 4th generation descendants of Okikamuro island living in Jpanan, Hawaii, Canada, United states and other coutnries. These activities support Okikamuro island and Kamuro party future. 

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