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Okikamuro island roots

Okikamuro island is roots of many members. Research of Okikamuro history, Family history are the things which most members' want to know. it is helpful to know each members while sharing member's family histories and making records about Okikamuro people at most populated period during end of Edo to Meiji age.


Sizuo Niiyama 

James Nakata visits from Hawaii

Sizuo Niiyama chief priest  [Oct. 28, 2023]

Mr.James Nakata is the grandson of Mr. Yoshimatsu Nakata, who is attracting attention as a Japanese person who influenced American writer Jack London.

Genzo Yashiro 

Suo-Oshima(Yashiro island) and Aoki family

Genzo Yashiro [2020/11/28]

There is no one who doesn't know about old Aoki family of Suo-Oshima among local historian.


Okikamuro my roots

Yoshimi Furutani [2020/07/21]

Few days ago (June 19), I came back to Kamuro and closed my grave site. Rev. Niiyama prayed very carefully to close my gravesite.

Masatomo Yagi

‘I’m working for fishing business at Kukuiula’

Masatomo Yagi [2020/07/05]

Long time ago, more than ten years ago, I got a book called ‘Kamuro reprinted (Kamuro 1st issue Sept. 5th 1914)’.

TJ Okamura 

Looking for roots-TJ Okamura(1)

TJ Okamura [2019/8/9]

I discovered my great-grandmother, Sen Hamasaki, might be from Kamuro-Nishigata Village.

Hiroshi Otani 

Okikamuro 2nd generation in Hokkaido

Hiroshi Otani [2017/8/29]

Mr. Matsujiro Otani is my grandfather (Senichi Otani)’s brother and he as uncle in Hawaii is admired by all relatives.

Masato Katsuyama 

About Okikamuro Tomozawa family(Part1)

Masato Katsuyama [2017/06/25]

Originator of Tomozawa family Soemon Tokuaki is eldest son of Second generation of Okikamuro Shoya(Village chief) Ishizaki Kanzaemon Munemasa.

Alan Aoki 

Roots of Aoki family

Alan Aoki [2017/03/13]

My great-grandfather Kikumatsu Aoki emigrated to Hawaii as a Government contract laborer on May 29, 1891 on the Steamship “Yamashiro-Maru”.

Teruo Shirogane 

About Matsujiro Otani

Teruo Shirogane [2015/03/18]

1) He is the most successful man from Okikamuro throughout domestic and overseas.

Stacey Hayashi

Manga about 442nd Regimental Combat Team

Stacey Hayashi [2015/6/6]

I wrote a manga about the 100th Battalion and 442nd Regimental Combat Team.


Memory of Okikamuro

Marie Otani [2015/5/17]

We took pictures with the Ninomiya Kinjiro statue.

Yusuke Ogawa

’Hawaii Kamuro Party’ English version article

Yusuke Ogawa [2015/3/4]

Article about ‘restarting of Hawaii Kamuro Party’. English version of the article is also published now


There is question about ‘okikamuro history part2’

Masahito Tanaka [2014/10/29]

I have read ‘Kamuro Party’ home page.  I am interested in the article posted by Mr. Kiyoshi Nishimura local history researcher.


History of Susaki port in Okikamuro

Shoji Matsumoto [2014/09/20]

It's amazing that our ancestors build huge breakwater without any financial help from Han(state government). They should had enough finance and spirit.


Ancestors’ historical records trailed by Shigetoshi Yamada and Kiyoshi Nishimura

Shigetoshi Yamada 2013/11/28 received

Only few of us know about the name of ‘Seki Hassou-Gumi’ (Group of Eight Boats from Seki) and its group structure. Important to record the historical details for the next younger generation.


Canadian branch of Chojuro Furutani family tree

Akira Furutani 2014/2/14 received

In 1956 mom and dad were squatting down by the back door looking fatigued but contented from a good day’s work.

Marion Carmona

My Family History

Marion Carmona                                      2012/04/28 received

Chojuro Furutani was born in OkiKamuro, Yamaguchiken, Japan on July 20,1886. He married Hanayo (Kanai) in 1914 and came to Canada in the same year. My father, Mitsuo Yagi also from OkiKamuro was the second son of Torasuke and Yoshi.

Kiyoshi Nishimura

Okikamuro island history (part 3)

Kiyoshi Nishimura                                     2011/12/03 received

By the way, retroactively to approximately 260 years ago from the older point in time, there was Kamuro battle in the Middle Ages 'NanBokuCho'.

Okikamuro island Shopping street Map

Okikamuro island Shopping street Map

Yamaguch Prefecture History book local culture            2011/9/30

From "Yamaguch Prefecture History book local culture" Result of Pro. Manami Yasui's reseach.

Dr. Kosei Hirota

Okikamuro actual transitions and 'Kamuro Party'

Prof. Kosei Hirota                                    2011/7/29 received

people who were born in Okikamuro, people who love okikamuro, people who related to the history and the location. Those people are remaking the similar culture as past.

Dr. Manami Yasui

Okikamuro island Map

Prof. Manami Yasui                                   2012/6/24 received

At the Tenri University department-of-literature archaeology and a folklore laboratory, over two years, 2010 and 2011, I visited the Suo-oshima-cho, Oshima-gun, Yamaguchi-ken Okikamuro island and carried out fieldwork.

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