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2016 the 66th Tokyo Kamuro Party annual meeting

Tokyo Kamuro Party

the 66th Tokyo Kamuro party annual meeting at Square Kojimachi bldg. Ktobuki room June 5th, 2016. (Photo by Matsushige Yamada)
25 people attended this meeting. Thank you for attending Tokyo Kamuro Party annual meeting.
New officers Masakazu Otani, Joji Toi, Takashi Yanagihara made speech at begining of this meeting. Please support their activity in Kamuro Party.


at reception desk. Kumie Iwashita and Keiko Matsuno are working as receptionist to Nobukatsu Iwamoto and Mitsuo Tomahara.


Vice president of Tokyo Kamuro Party Kazutaka Nishimura is moderator.


President of Tokyo Kamuro Party Masatomo Yagi is making wellcome speech.


Former President Iwao Inoue, President of Ube Kamuro Party Kiyoshi Nishimura. thank you for attending the meeting every year.


Presentation for Okikamuro by Takashi Yanagihara. His family is one of starter family of Okikamuro island. His grandfather Takeji Yanagihara is one of most successfull Okikamuro person who started hardware company in Kunsan of Korea. Takeji built second house 'Kunsan-so' in Okikamuro. Sea-Side musiun has been opened last year in 'Kunsan-so'. He also showed his Okikamuro tour guide video. We are expectiong many tourists to Okikamuro along with Japan's tourist boom.


Presentation using projector is first time in Kamuro Party meeting.


Kazumasa Otani made speech. new Officer of Tokyo Kamuro Party. He was born in Okikamuro island. Okikamuro 1st generation.


Joji Toi. He is supporter of singer Sadako Imo.


Yosuke Niiyama (Cheif Priest of EnjyuIn and supporting priest of Hakuseiji) Tsuneki Niiyama (son of Shizuo Niiyama, under training of priest) made speech from Hakuseiji。 Next generation of Hakuseiji will be secured.


Previous President Akira Nakayama. Cheers!




there was happening at lottery of this year. Former President drew pre-president lottery. and next pre-president drew former president lottery. 


former presidnet Kaname Kijima and previous president Akira Nakayama, congratulation.




Mieko Yagi. I don't hula dance this time because my mother passed away trwo months ago.


President of Tokyo Towa-cho club, Yoshihiro Fujiwara.

president of Kansai Kamuro Party Tomiyuki Miyamoto.


Kaname Kijima and Kenji Kimura, Keiko Kimura couple.

Masahito Yamada from Hiroshima Kamuro Party. SANSEI Co.President

Kiyoshi Nishimura Presdident of Ube Kamuro Party Working on bilding family trees of all Okikamuro family.

Former president of Tokyo Kamuro Party Iwao Inoue. His voice was strong enough to move your heart while singing 'Sigin'.

Shintaro Kondo. He lived in Hawaii while learning English language staying with Roy Aoki's house. He speaks english very well. Roy is descendant of Okikamuro island. Shintaro is planing to visit Okikamuro island.

previous chief officer of Tokyo Kamuro Party Kenji Kimura.

Vice president of Tokyo Kamuro Party Akiko Yamada.Yamada Creative Co.President

Nobukatsu Iwamoto let's have dessert at coffee shop after meeting.

At Cofee shop, Akiko Yamada, Nobukatsu Iwamoto, Kazutaka Nishimura, Masahito Yamada.

Kazumasa Otani, Sadafumi Nishimura(he joined meeting at cofee shop. his hobby is racing yatch and his team visited Okikamuro before. Please join annual meeting next year.)

President Masatomo Yagi, Mieko Hashimoto, President Tomiyuki Miyamoto, Kumie Iwashita and Keiko Matsuno Chatting in cofee shop.


Kamuro Party wishes all member's success and health. contiribute to make Okikamuro island more active.

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