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2017 the 67th Tokyo Kamuro Party annual meeting


Tokyo Kamuro Party annual meeting June 4th, 2017 at restaurant Cherbourg-Kayabacho (Photo by Matsushige Yamada)
31 people attended. Thank you for all for attending this meeting. This year's meeting was started by moderator Kazumasa Otani. Speeches this year are
1.'About the organization 'Kagaribi' which is trying to activate depopulation local district' by Kazutaka Nishimura.
2.'Photo movie 'history of Tokyo Kamuro party'' by Matsushige Yamada
3.'Kamuro Family tree database project' by Masatomo Yagi


Yuriko Nishimura, Chiyoko Nishimura


Kiyoshi Nishimura 'President of Ube Kamuro party'


Reception Kumie Iwashita, Keiko Matsuno 'accounting'


Mitsue Yamaguchi, Chika Kono, Takayuki Kono


Keiko Harada, Hirokazu Kanai


Kazuhiro Otani (Chief Officer) Opening message


Masatomo Yagi, Message from President.
1.Support the Shiraki peninsula district community counsil which started this May. 2.Kamuro Family tree software 3.send message to Okikamuro.com


Nobukatsu Iwamoto, Keiko Matsuno, Kumie Iwashita


Keiko Harada,Kazuhiro Kanai(from Okikamuro),Akira Nakayama(Pre.President of Tokyo Kamuro Party),Mitsue Yamaguchi


Kazutaka Nishimura(Vicepresident) talked about ' 'Kagaribi' Activity to activate the depopulated local district' using PC and Projector


Seiren Niiyama (Hakuseiji) First time to join Tokyo Kamuro Party.


Hitoshi Murano(chief officer of Bocho-club) explaned Bocho-club activities.


Akira Nakayama(Pre.President) Talking before Cheers!


Akira Nakayama(Pre.President) Talking before Cheers!


Akiko Yamada(VicePresident), Akira Nakayama(Pre.President) Cheers!


Masahito Yamada(Hiroshima Kamuro Party), Tomiyuki Miyamoto(Kansai Kamuro Party)


Nobukatsu Iwamoto, Keiko Matsumoto, Kumie Iwashita


Mitsue Yamaguchi, Chika Kono, Takayuki Kono, Kaname Kijima(former President)

Nobukatsu Iwamoto, Keiko Matsuno, Kumie Iwashita


New Meeting palce, restaurant Cherbourg-Kayabacho

from right Sumie Saisho,Keiko Takeyama,Akiko Yamada,Masatomo Yagi

'TOKYO KAMURO PARTY' curtain was placed at side wall. No other place to put it on.

Tomiyuki Miyamoto(President of Kansai Kamuro Party)

Masahito Yamada(Hiroshima Kamuro Party) SANSEI Co.President

Kiyoshi Nishimura(President of Ube Kamuro Party)
Making Family Tree for Kamuro members using Hakuseiji record book for years. I like to support Kamuro Family Tree database project.

Akiko Yamada(vicepresident of Tokyo Kamuro Party)Yamada Creative Co. President moderator for lottery. From this year, prize is 'grilled fish' of Koyosho(Okikamuro's inn) valued 5000yen.

Kaname Kijima(former President) first person to pick a card.

First winner of lottery was Mieko Hashimoto.

Sencond person to pick a card was Sumie Saisho.

2nd winner of lottery was Joji Toi(Officer)

Third picker was Keiko Harada. She picked Seiren Niiyama's card at first, Seiren refused to recierve prize. And then Keiko picked her own card second time. What's a happening this year.

Takayuki Kono, Kaname Kijima

Masatomo Yagi(President),Sumie Saisho, Akiko Yamada(vice president)

Kaname Kijima, Kiyoshi Nishimura, Sumie Saisho, Akiko Yamada

Akiko Yamada(Vice President),Takayuki Kono,Akira Nakayama(Pre. President)

Kenji Kimura and his wife Keiko, Seiren Niiyama, (behind) Kumie Iwashita (Accounting)

Keiko Matsuno,Kumie Iwashita,Yuriko Nishimura,Chiyoko Nishimura

Yuriko Nishimura,Chiyoko Nishimura, Youichi Nishimura and his wife Eiko, Kanako Kawanaka

Kazutaka Nishimura(Vice President) Time to Close, Please come again.

Professor Ono and his student of Seisen Wemens University earth civillian course visited Tokyo Kamuro Party for getting pre-knowledge of Okikamuro island. Their class is going to visit Okikamuro island this July.

talking about schedule that Students of Seisen wemens university earth civillian clourse are going to visit to Hakuseji and Kanai ship builder. This is going to be good chance to advertize Okikamuro island.


Suho-Ohshima town organized 'Shiraki peninsla district comunity counsel(Shizuo Niiyama chairman)' to activate this area business. All Kamuro Parties are supporters for this project. There are big follow winds for Okikamuro island's tourist industry. One is Awa-corel and national park which will be good resource of tourist industry and other one is that inbound and tourist industy in Japane are increasing sharply because of political backup.  Thank you for attending this kamuro party meeting and Please join next year meeting not to stop Kamuro party's flame. 

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