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Shigetoshi Yamada

Shigetoshi Yamada

 Founder of Tokyo Kamuro Party

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Nagare Kancho (Sending sprits after Bon fest.)

Shigetoshi Yamada                             received March 27th,2011

(Mr.Shigetoshi Yamada passed away at Aug. 20th,2011. age96)

                         ...this essay is translated by Mr. Yoshitaka Furutani


The time when we went back to OKIKAMURO and did the BON (during this period, ancestor’s sprits come down to own home) Festival dance until morning was the age when there were a lot of a young man and a young woman. We always left OKIKAMURO with concerning about the people to clean up would have trouble in after the BON Festival dance. One year, I could join in a group to turn over a JUZU (huge rozary) for praying HYAKUMANBEN (means one million times) after sending NAGAREKANCHO (ship built by mainly straw. Each family puts their BON ornaments and foods in to the ship to sending back ancestor’s sprits. Ancestor’s sprits come down to their family house while BON period.) We say a prayer to the Buddha as NAKAMOUSHI who is at center of circle and prays with surrounding people way of synchronized. One person out of a surrounding people is called KAZUTORI (counting person) to count the number of times of prays. There is one especially big size ball in the circle of a JUZU. When a special big ball would come to that person who counts the number of times of pray, that person slides one ball out of 50 balls which is aside of the person and lined up. When 50 balls would be slid, that person will submit one wooden tag which is written as ‘NAMUAMIDABUTSU’ (one popular phrase of Buddhist prayer). There are 7 wooden tags. When all 7 wooden tags are submitted, this ceremony is finished by that everybody pray ‘NAMUAMIDABUTSU’ together. After that , everybody go into KANNONDO (Hakuseiji temple annex) above the hill. They will repeat the same ceremony there as the ceremony at the beach side. I could remember on my eyes that my dead grand mother was turning over a JUZU with closeing my eyes and speaking out NENBUTSU (Buddhist invocation). I also remember that my grandmother was turning over a JUZU with NENBUTSU. An ancestor and the previous ancestor were also turning over a JUZU for HYKUMANBEN from a long years ago with holding a memorial service of an ancestor and safe of the family. I remembered my grandfather and grandmother along with speaking out NENBUTSU and could not stop my tear. I did not know how I should do. When I entered the elementary school , my father and mother were not this world. However my grandfather and grandmother loved me more than love of my father and mother. Even if I had not parents and brothers, an ancestor had kept me. I can reach at refreshing state of mind. I have overlooked for a long time that an ancestor left such like excellent things. I am ashamed it right now. I think this great cultural heritage is a hug heritage which should be proud in the world with KUDOKI (traditional song for Bon festival in Okikamuro island area) for the BON Festival dance at OKIKAMURO. At all costs , we have to be handed down in the future for ever. Fortunately for NENBUTSUKO (group of people who keep traditional Hyakumanben ceremony and other Buddhist event), Shige Ebisuzaki had brought up many successor until when she died at 97 years old on 26th Feb in 1999. It is a dependable thing due to continue it actively right now. Well, a stair and a handrail to climb up to KANNONSAMA (Hakuseiji temple annex temple) was repaired by the people of NENBUTSUKO. They completed it without any donation to repair and with money which was saved a few contribution for a long years. I estimate that the chief priest of the temple and a manager of a village might help them, but it is a great for the people of NENBUTSUKO to be able to achieve by taking over a great achievement and will from our seniors. We have to study seriously such like behavior in the world which many people cheat a donation or a grant. I think this cluture have to be handed down in the future with a praise for it. Right now , there are only 7 woody tags at SUSAKI (there are 2 villages in Okikamuro island. One is Homura and other is Susaki) and only 5 woody tags at HOMURA. There would be 10 woody tags a long time ago. This composition has been published a the subtitle of the sequel ‘BON Festival dance’. printed Aug. 5th, 1999

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