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Shigetoshi Yamada

Shigetoshi Yamada

 Founder of Tokyo Kamuro Party

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My Kamuro No1 'Upbringing'

Shigetoshi Yamada                             received Oct. 15th,2011

(Mr.Shigetoshi Yamada passed away at Aug. 20th,2011. age96)

                         ...this essay is translated by Mr. Yoshitaka Furutani

I was selfish and also strongly self-centered and a naughty boy in my childhood. Moreover I was a stubborn boy to finish up every thing which once I decided to do. Therefore I was prized because of a good result in my elementary school hood at OKIKAMURO elementary school, but I was hated from relatives. Matsuzo, my grandfather suggested me to go to Yanai commercial school or Agenoshou junior high school. But I replied to him that if I could go to university, it should be a good suggestion. However if I could not , I should not go to even junior high school, I said to him.
My grandfather murmured that if I were alive, I could support you to go to university by even selling my field , but it should be difficult for me because I was over 70 years old now, but I belief I could support you to go to just junior high school.
So I said to him that I did not want to go to junior high school because of unfinished. My grandfather stated that even if it was junior high school, it might help you in the future. Because my grandfather was always telling me “ A little learning is a dangerous thing”. I told him that I would use a person who graduated junior high school or university in the future, even if I did not graduate higher level schools. I declared that I would become a person to employ a person who graduated junior high school or university. My grandfather muttered that it should not be easier in society than your thought. I succeeded to establish my new factory and expanded at addressed 1-6-10, Minami-Kamata, Oota-ku, Tokyo on 25th January in 1970 and could employ persons graduated university. My grandfather was looked regret after hearing from relatives that a child who was brought up by a grandfather or grandmother could not succeeded in. If my grandfather were alive now, he should be proud me and go around to tell uncles and aunts about me proudly that my grandson succeeded in establishment of own factor in Tokyo where it was cutthroat competition, having handycap that he lost one his eye at World War II. I was awarded from the Government of Tokyo on 12th October in 1957 at Ikegami Ward Hall which had capacity to hold 3,000 audiences. When I got a certificate of merit, I wanted my grandfather to see the moment of my triumph. I felt slightly sad because there were not my grandfather and grandmother because they should be pleased to see the moment of my triumph. According to telling by Kuma who was elder sister of my mother named Hana and wife of Gentaro Furutani , aunt of Otani`s and Tsunekichi Hata, my mother was serious condition and in unconscious, Aoki`s decided to let me meet to my mother even if she could not recognize me as her child. I heard that I was brought by Haru, my grandmother to the bed of my mother. However she had already not been able to hear and see and speak any more. I heard that I spoke to my mother that I was Shigetoshi , but she seemed to recognize me, so that she hugged me tightly. According to Kuma Furutani, sister of my grandmother who was mother of Hana, my mother or relatives of Aoki`s , I heard my mother asked everybody not to place her ashes in Yamada`s tomb when she died. My mother had left Yamada`s after 9 months when I was born. When she died, I was 2 years and 3 months old. She gave birth to me in 1919 when she was 23 years and 5 months old. My father, Jinkichi also died on September 20th in 1921 when I was 4 years old. My grandmother , Haru who was my foster parents, brought me who was a baby and went around and asked a woman in neighborhood for mother`s milk with lower her head. As it was, she had to manage my grandfather as the captain for BAKAN cooperative (fishing ship group for Bakan sea area) and family as Kawanohata`s and Ymada`s main family with her proud. Therefore I think that it was very painful for her to ask for milk for me. I had not heard from my grandmother as my foster parents any complain until when my grandmother died at 91 years old. Fortunately I had a classmate in neighborhood like Sadao Kijima, Sukejiro Maruo, Torataro Yamada of my cousin and Tsuneyoshi Yamada in front of my house. Especially mother of Torataro took care of me very much. I could exist until then with help from many people. Although somebody who I depended on has already died and I have not repaid to one by one, I am attending on helping the growth of Okikamuro with all my might. I have had an injury in the World War II and lost eyesight in short term. Moreover I was burned out of my home and lost everything. However I bore all misfortune and have lived until now. I think it should be generated by teaching by Matsuzo, my grandfather and behavior without speak of my grandmother. I have been 83 years old this year. I would like to appreciate all support by everybody and put down my pen with many thanks. Thank you very much. printed July 27th 1999 14:33:

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